The CCE4503 is an easy-to-use device-side IO-Link compliant transceiver. It combines IO-Link compliant communication capability with advanced protection circuitry and additional features while keeping the application small and simple.

Controlled by a UART interface (TXD, RXD, TXEN), the output drivers can be configured as PNP, NPN or Push-Pull. Three LDO options and an automatic wake-up detection simplify the overall system requirements and reduce the need for additional external circuitry. The integrated protection features such as reverse-polarity protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage detection, and thermal protection ensure robust functionality and communication.

With the small 3mm x 3mm DFN10 package size, it is especially suitable for space-limited sensor and actuator applications.

The CCE4503 IO-Link Device Transceiver is suitable for IO-Link device applications and is compliant with the IO-Link interface and system specification Version 1.1.2 from July 2013, accessible via www.io-link.org.

For a complete end-to-end system solution, Renesas also provides the CCE4510 two-channel IO-Link Master Transceiver.


  • All IO-Link frame types supported
  • Optimized feature set for best in market cost-efficiency
  • Improved protection features
  • Low power dissipation
  • Minimal need for external circuitry
  • Especially suitable for space-constricted applications


  • IO-Link compliant transceiver
  • One IO-Link channel with up to 250mA permanent driving current
  • Configurable PNP-, NPN- and Push-Pull mode
  • Configurable slew rate limitation
  • Configurable current limit
  • Automatic recovery function
  • Wake-up detection
  • 3 LDO options with up to 20mA
    • 3.3V LDO output
    • 5V LDO output
    • External LDO
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Overcurrent detection
  • Undervoltage detection
  • Over-temperature detection
  • Small DFN-10 3mm x 3mm package




  • IO-Link sensors
  • IO-Link actuators
  • High voltage level shifter
  • Industrial automation


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