The μPC259 and 4560 are dual operational amplifier with a built-in phase compensation circuit. The electrical characteristics are equivalent to the μPC258 and 4558, and can flow a large amount of output current. In addition, the slew rate is about 2. 8 times of the μPC258, 4558. Therefore, applications such as active filters, audio amplifiers and VCOs can be realized with a simple circuit configuration. Depending on the operating ambient temperature, µPC259 is suitable for communication application while µPC4560 is suitable for general-purpose usage.


  • Input Offset Voltage: ±0.5 mV (TYP.)
  • Input Offset Current :±5 nA (TYP.)
  • Input Bias Current: 60 nA (TYP.)
  • Slew Rate: 2.8 V/µs (TYP.)
  • Output Current: over 25 mA
  • Built-In Phase Compensation Circuit
  • Standard Dual Op-Amp terminal connection (pin compatible)

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Datasheets & Errata
UPC259, 4560 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 613 KB
UPC4560 Data Sheet Datasheet PDF 320 KB
Application Notes & White Papers
How to Bias Op-Amps Correctly Application Note PDF 263 KB
AN1993: Voltage Feedback versus Current Feedback Operational Amplifiers Application Note PDF 564 KB
AN1694: The Four Basic Building Blocks of an Op Amp Application Note PDF 357 KB
General-purpose operational amplifiers and comparators Pamphlet Flyer PDF 1.11 MB