Wide bandgap semiconductor technologies, such as Gallium Nitride Field Effect Transistors (GaN FETs), are used in various power management applications, including high-power motor drives, fast charging adapters, telecom, computing, and even space applications. Renesas provides a range of controllers and drivers specifically designed to harness the advantages of GaN FETs compared to Si FETs.

  • Lower RDSON - Low conduction loss, resulting in higher efficiency and smaller device size.
  • Lower Gate Capacitance - Minimizes switching loss, leading to higher efficiency and smaller device size.
  • Faster Devices - GaN FETs can switch faster, enabling the use of smaller magnetics and leading to compact device size.
  • Wider Bandgap - GaN FETs offer higher reliability for high-temp and radiation applications.

To facilitate the selection process between GaN and Si FETs, Renesas offers pin-to-pin compatible products that can drive both types of FETs for easy comparison.


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High-performance 80V Dual-phase Buck and Boost Controllers for GaN FETs

An overview of the industry’s first high-performance 80V dual-phase buck and boost controllers optimized to drive GaN FETs. With high efficiency, tight load regulation and current sharing, these devices deliver ideal power solutions for industrial automation, telecommunications, medical and automotive applications.