This solution is simple and cost-effective as it consists of components that are off the shelf: A standard PCB, a Renesas position sensor, some passive components and a piece of metal as a target.

The sensing element is not inside the Renesas IC but is a set of coils on the PC board. The beauty of this is that the sensor as a system can be tailored and designed around the customer’s application. It uses dual IPS2200 inductive position sensors (IPS) for absolute position detecting, optimizes the coil size, and the module package ties in with market trends (35mm motor).

System Benefits​:

  • Cost-effective and supports much higher speeds up to 250000RPM
  • The solution can be designed around the customer application, as it supports all three mechanical embodiment phases and the number of the pole pairs of the motor can be matched to the number of the sectors of the sensor.
  • The MCU has three units of ADC with channel-dedicated sample and hold function. AD conversion start can start by synchronous trigger.
  • High accuracy: Actual resolution: 15-bit, Accuracy: 12-bit




  • Rotor position detection for BLDC; adaptable to any pole pare count
  • Replacement of brushless resolvers
  • Magnet-free rotor speed sensors