This connected cockpit reference design provides developers with all the necessary modules and peripherals for complete cockpit application development. The main brain of the reference solution is the R-Car M3e-2G system-on-chip (SoC) powered by a 2xCA57, 4xCA53 and 1xCR7 core. This custom board comes with wireless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), LTE, GPS, etc. All of the outside world information can be fed through a dual CAN/FD communication channel. It supports three display connections and a variety of boot options (user selectable).

System Benefits​:

  • Android for infotainment and FreeRTOS for cluster applications
  • Hypervisor-less system
  • Out-of-box and ready-to-go solution with complete documentation, hardware and software package provided by Renesas along with sample application




  • Infotainment
  • Cluster
  • Connected cockpit
  • Adaptable for 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler vehicles

Winning Combinations Interactive Diagram

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4:3 ratio Connector Line.410 Connector Line.411 Connector Arrow Connector Line.367 Connector Arrow.366 Connector Arrow.353 Connector Arrow.358 Connector Line.311 WC# AS262 AS262 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy 2 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy DC/DC Buck 1 DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck 2 DC/DC Buck DC/DC Buck RTC 1 RTC RTC Ambient Light Sensor 1 Ambient Light Sensor Ambient Light Sensor Clock Generator 2 Clock Generator Clock Generator Clock Generator 1 Clock Generator Clock Generator LPDDR4 Component block.631 LPDDR4 LPDDR4 LPDDR4 Connector Connector Connector Touch Touch Touch TFT 1 TFT1 TFT1 Camera I/P 1 Camera I/P Camera I/P Accelerometer 1 Accelerometer Accelerometer uSD-Card uSD-Card uSD-Card Flash Memory Flash Memory Flash Memory eMMC 1 eMMC eMMC Ethernet Transceiver Ethernet Transceiver Ethernet Transceiver LTE+GPS 1 LTE+GPS LTE+GPS USB.179 USB USB SCIF/Debug SCIF/Debug SCIF/Debug Audio 1 Audio Audio Speaker 1 Speaker Speaker Double arrow.799 Double arrow.774 Double arrow.777 Double arrow.805 DC/DC 2 DC/DC DC/DC Sheet.35 Battery.230 Sheet.37 Sheet.38 Sheet.39 Sheet.40 Label Text 10pt.2153 12V Battery 12V Battery Connector Arrow.343 Connector Arrow.346 MOSFET Switch MOSFET Switch MOSFET Switch Label Text 10pt.383 6 6 Double arrow.384 Label Text 10pt.385 67 67 Double arrow.386 Label Text 10pt.387 18 18 Double arrow.388 Label Text 10pt.389 2 2 Double arrow.390 Label Text 10pt.391 4 4 Double arrow.392 Label Text 10pt.393 11 11 Double arrow.394 Label Text 10pt.395 6 6 Double arrow.396 ?Communication Lines A.397 ?Communication Lines A.398 ?Communication Lines A.399 ?Communication Lines A.400 ?Communication Lines A.401 ?Communication Lines A.402 ?Communication Lines A.403 Double arrow.404 ?Communication Lines A.405 Label Text 10pt.406 8 8 Connector Line.408 Connector 1.409 Connector Line.412 Connector Arrow.414 Connector Arrow.415 Connector Arrow.416 Connector 1.418 Connector 1.419 Connector 1.420 Connector 1.421 Double arrow.423 ?Communication Lines A.424 Label Text 10pt.425 2 2 Double arrow.430 ?Communication Lines A.431 Label Text 10pt.432 4 4 TFT 3 TFT3 TFT3 Mic 1 Mic Mic Connector Arrow.488 Connector Line.494 Label Text 10pt.817 1.8V/2500mA 1.8V/2500mA Label Text 10pt.761 1.8V/300mA 1.8V/300mA Label Text 10pt.762 1.8V/200mA 1.8V/200mA Label Text 10pt.763 2.5V/300mA 2.5V/300mA Label Text 10pt.764 3.3V/300mA 3.3V/300mA Label Text 10pt.262 5V 5V Label Text 10pt.766 Enable Enable Label Text 10pt.770 5V/6A 5V/6A Label Text 10pt.773 0.89V/10A 0.89V/10A Label Text 10pt.774 1.1V/5A 1.1V/5A Label Text 10pt.775 0.88V/5A 0.88V/5A Sheet.108 Connector 1 Sheet.110 Connector Arrow.792 Connector Arrow.793 Connector Arrow.794 Connector Line Label Text 10pt.798 5V 5V Connector Arrow.802 Label Text 10pt.803 3.3V 3.3V Label Text 10pt.804 3.3V 3.3V Label Text 10pt.805 2.5V/300mA 2.5V/300mA Label Text 10pt.807 3.8V/3A 3.8V/3A Label Text 10pt.808 5V 5V Label Text 10pt.809 4 4 ?Communication Lines A.810 Label Text 10pt.842 2 2 Double arrow.843 ?Communication Lines A.848 Label Text 10pt.844 12 12 Double arrow.845 ?Communication Lines A.849 Label Text 10pt.846 10 10 Double arrow.847 ?Communication Lines A.850 Label Text 10pt.853 28 28 Double arrow.854 ?Communication Lines A.859 Label Text 10pt.857 16 16 Double arrow.858 ?Communication Lines A.861 Label Text 10pt.863 4 4 Double arrow.864 ?Communication Lines A.869 Label Text 10pt.931 3 3 Double arrow.932 ?Communication Lines A.933 Label Text 10pt.935 2 2 Double arrow.936 ?Communication Lines A.937 Label Text 10pt.939 2 2 Double arrow.940 ?Communication Lines A.941 Double arrow.945 Double arrow.949 Double arrow.953 Double arrow.957 Double arrow.961 Double arrow.965 TFT 2 TFT2 TFT2 RGB to HDMI 1 RGB to HDMI RGB toHDMI Label Text 10pt.972 8 8 Double arrow.973 ?Communication Lines A.974 Label Text 10pt.977 2 2 ?Communication Lines A.978 Label Text 10pt.984 3 3 Double arrow.985 ?Communication Lines A.986 Sheet.167 Sheet.168 Double arrow.989 Double arrow.990 Label Text 10pt.999 3 3 ?Communication Lines A.1000 DC/DC 1 DC/DC DC/DC LTE+GPS LTE+GPS LTE+GPS Label Text 10pt.2153 12V Battery 12V Battery Connector Arrow.299 Ambient Light Sensor Ambient Light Sensor Ambient Light Sensor RTC RTC RTC Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy 1 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Low Energy TFT1 TFT1 TFT1 TFT2 TFT2 TFT2 RGB to HDMI RGB to HDMI RGB to HDMI Camera I/P Camera I/P Camera I/P Accelerometer Accelerometer Accelerometer eMMC eMMC eMMC Connector 1.327 Connector 1.328 Connector 1.329 Connector 1.330 Connector 1.331 Connector 1.332 Connector 1.333 Connector 1.487 Label Text 10pt.497 3.3V/3A 3.3V/3A Connector Arrow.507 Connector Arrow.508 Connector Arrow.509 Connector Arrow.510 Connector Arrow.511 Connector Arrow.512 Connector Arrow.513 Connector Arrow.514 Connector Arrow.515 Connector Line.519 Connector 1.334 Label Text 10pt.756 3.8V/3A 3.8V/3A Label Text 10pt.1009 6 6 ?Communication Lines A.1010 Label Text 10pt.1011 7 7 ?Communication Lines A.1012 Label Text 10pt.1014 1.8V/2500mA 1.8V/2500mA Connector Arrow.1015 Label Text 10pt.1017 1.8V/2500mA 1.8V/2500mA Connector Arrow.1018 Label Text 10pt.1033 5 5 Double arrow.1034 ?Communication Lines A.1035 Label Text 10pt.1036 5 5 Double arrow.1037 ?Communication Lines A.1038 Connector Arrow.1039 Connector Arrow.1040 Connector Arrow.1041 Connector Arrow.1042 Connector Line.1043 Connector 1.1047 External Crystal External Crystal 1 External Crystal External Crystal 14.7456MHz Crystal 14.7456MHz Crystal 14.7456MHz Crystal 16.6665MHz Crystal 16.6665MHz Crystal 16.6665MHz Crystal 32.768MHz Crystal 32.768MHz Crystal 32.768MHz Crystal 50.0000MHz Crystal 50.0000MHz Crystal 50.0000MHz Crystal 125MHz Crystal 125MHz Crystal 125MHz Crystal SoC R-Car SoC R-Car SoC R-Car SoC R-Car VDD_DVFS VDD_DVFS VDD_DVFS VDDOVA_DDR VDDOVA_DDR VDDOVA_DDR VDD & VDD09 VDD & VDD09 VDD & VDD09 DDR DDR DDR QSPI QSPI QSPI VDD025_ETH_SoC VDD025_ETH_SoC VDD025_ETH_SoC MMC MMC MMC SDHI SDHI SDHI RGMII RGMII RGMII USB USB USB CAN CAN CAN USB 3.0 USB 3.0 USB 3.0 UART UART UART PCIe PCIe PCIe I2C 1 I2C I2C HDMI HDMI HDMI LVDS LVDS LVDS DU DU DU PCIE0_Clock PCIE0_Clock PCIE0_Clock SCIF-Clock SCIF-Clock SCIF-Clock XTAL_EXTAL XTAL_EXTAL XTAL_EXTAL EXTALR EXTALR EXTALR I2C 4 I2C I2C VDD018_SoC VDD018_SoC VDD018_SoC VDD018_SD0 1, 2, 3 VDD018_SD0 1, 2, 3 VDD018_SD01, 2, 3 VDD018_SoC.778 VDD018_SoC VDD018_SoC MIPI MIPI MIPI SPI SPI SPI AVB_TXCREF Clock AVB_ TXCREF Clock AVB_TXCREF Clock USB_XTAL_EXTAL USB_XTAL_EXTAL USB_XTAL_EXTAL I2C 3 I2C I2C I2C 2 I2C I2C USB3S0_Clock IND, 1, 2 USB3S0_ Clock IND, 1, 2 USB3S0_ClockIND, 1, 2 DU_DOT Clock IND, 1, 2 DU_DOT Clock IND, 1, 2 DU_DOT ClockIND, 1, 2 PCIE1_Clock PCIE1_Clock PCIE1_Clock Multi-function block.270 PMIC PMIC BUCKME BUCKME BUCKME BUCKPRO BUCKPRO BUCKPRO VLD0 11 VLD0 11 VLD0 11 VLD0 6.7 VLD0 6.7 VLD0 6.7 VLD0 8.9 VLD0 8.9 VLD0 8.9 VLD0 10 VLD0 10 VLD0 10 VLD0 3.4 VLD0 3.4 VLD0 3.4 CAN-FD 1 Component block.631 LPDDR4 CAN-FD CAN-FD CAN-FD 2 Component block.631 LPDDR4 CAN-FD CAN-FD Battery 12V.65 Sheet.352 Sheet.353 Sheet.354 Sheet.355 Connector Arrow.371
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