Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is a low energy mode of Bluetooth wireless technology that has an effect on power consumption especially for battery-operated applications. The attractive point of LE lies in that it can operate while being connected to applications for smartphones and tablets. Renesas Bluetooth LE solutions provide smart connections with the lowest level of power consumption in the industry and can be used in applications such as healthcare and fitness devices, home electric appliances and RFID tags that use beacons to connect them with smartphones at low power consumption without wires.

Included in Renesas' Bluetooth LE product portfolio is the RX23W 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) solution that offers built-in security functions essential for Bluetooth 5.0 LE and IoT devices, as well as a wealth of peripheral functions such as touch keys, USB and CAN, and it provides system control for devices and wireless communication on a single chip. The RX23W supports full features including long range and mesh network for Bluetooth 5.0 LE. And, it supports "Channel Selection Algorithm #2", making it is more resistant to interference from other 2.4GHz RF signals and it realizes stable communication even in environments with radio interference.

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RX23W 32-bit MCUs

RX23W Applications
RX23W Chips

The RX23W MCU incorporates a dedicated to Bluetooth high-precision low-speed on-chip oscillator, eliminating the need for external matching circuits and external capacitors.

RX23W Group User's Manual: Hardware (PDF | English, 日本語)
RX23W 32-bit micrcontrollers

To purchase the RX23W MCU, contact your local Renesas sales office or distributor.

RX23W Target Board

The target board for RX23W incorporates an emulator circuit that can be used for your own application design without the need for further tool investments. This product provides through-holes for pin headers that allow access to all MCU signal pins, allowing for easy prototyping with a breadboard. You can begin evaluation immediately after purchasing an evaluation board using software which can be downloaded from our website.

This evaluation board is best suited for the following purposes.

  • Evaluation of Renesas' RX23W device
  • Evaluation of Bluetooth LE functions and performance
  • Use for customer's principle prototype
RX23W Target Board

Target Board for RX23W User's Manual (PDF | English, 日本語)
Target Board for the RX Family

Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol Stack for the RX Family

The Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack is the software required to operate the RX23W MCU. It conforms to the Bluetooth v5.0 specification and all LE functions of Core Specification v5.0 can be supported. In addition, three types of libraries are provided depending on the function set, so that a configuration suitable for the specifications of the end product can be selected.

Bluetooth qualified 56 types (as of December 2019) of standard Profiles/Services are available. Among them, the Mesh profile is provided as a dedicated library "Bluetooth Mesh Package", so please use this to develop products that conform to the Bluetooth Mesh Networking specification.

Additionally, Renesas offers Bluetooth LE software solutions corresponding to a wide variety of application development.

RX Protocol Stack Constitution
RX Protocol Stack Meshstack.jpg

QE for BLE (RX)

The QE for BLE is a dedicated tool for developing embedded software in systems which support the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack. This solution toolkit runs in the e2 studio integrated development environment (IDE). The combination of the e2 studio and QE for BLE makes it easy to test the communications features of Renesas' RX23W Bluetooth LE microcomputer, thus reducing development periods for products being placed on the market. The standard profiles are generated from this tool. It can also design and generate the custom profile.

QE for BLE (RX)

BTTS Windows Application

In the survey/evaluation phase of the development process, new LE functions, API execution procedures and parameters of API can be learned by evaluating the functions and performance of Bluetooth LE supported by the RX23W using the Bluetooth Test Tool Suite (BTTS).

In the certification phase of the device, it can be used as a GUI tool to operate the device under test (DUT) in the Radio Law certification test.

Bluetooth Low Energy MCU Bluetooth Test Tool Suite operating instructions Application Note - Sample Code (ZIP)

Bluetooth Test Tool Suite (BTTS)


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The available SX-23BT microcomputer module is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 LE and includes an RX23W MCU.


SX-23BT Microcomputer Module
  • Obtained Radio Law Certification in Japan, United States, Canada, and Europe.
  • Installed RX23W-BGA85 pin and fully supports the functions of RX23W.
  • Employs 0.7mm pitch SMT to facilitate board mounting


SX-23BT-EVK Evaluation Kit

SX-23BT-EVK Evaluation Kit
  • Mount SX-23BT and output each terminal to a through hole.
  • By connecting the Renesas E2 emulator, immediate evaluation is possible.

Documentation & Downloads

Title language Type Format File Size Date
User Guides & Manuals
RX23W Group User's Manual: Hardware 日本語 Manual PDF 21.62 MB
Target Board for RX23W User's Manual 日本語 Manual PDF 1.00 MB
Application Notes & White Papers
Bluetooth Low Energy MCU Bluetooth Test Tool Suite operating instructions Application Note 日本語 Application Note PDF 3.06 MB
- Bluetooth Low Energy MCU Bluetooth Test Tool Suite operating instructions Application Note 日本語 Application Note PDF 3.06 MB
RX23W Group Guidelines for Bluetooth Board Design Application Note 日本語 Application Note PDF 5.92 MB
Differences Between RX23W Group and RX231 Group 日本語 Application Note PDF 868 KB
BLE microcomputer/module Bluetooth qualification acquisition 日本語 Application Note PDF 886 KB
RX23W Group Testing for Certification of Compliance with the Radio Law (Japan) Appication Note 日本語 Application Note PDF 745 KB
RX23W Group Tuning procedure of Bluetooth dedicated clock frequency Application Note 日本語 Application Note PDF 367 KB
RX Family Hardware Design Guide 日本語 Application Note PDF 998 KB
- Bluetooth Low Energy MCU Bluetooth Test Tool Suite operating instructions Application Note - Sample Code Sample Code ZIP 23.22 MB
Bluetooth Low Energy MCU Bluetooth Test Tool Suite operating instructions Application Note - Sample Code Sample Code ZIP 23.22 MB