The Toll Control Unit (TCU) and Communication Control Unit (CCU) are the key units in the overall charging solution. The charging communication protocol for China electric vehicles (EV) is GBT 27930, and the European charging communication protocol is IEC 61851-24, DIN 70121 and ISO 15118. A CCU with RH850/F1K automotive microcontroller (MCU) has up to six channels of CAN interface to support multiple protocols. The RA6M3 32-bit MCU realizes charging pile HMI, metering and billing, payment, data encryption and decryption, control for charging equipment start and stop, communication with the internet of a vehicle's platform, and other functions.

System Benefits​:

  • RA6M3 offers TFT, Ethernet, security, large embedded RAM, CAN, and USB High-Speed (HS) to fully realize TCU function.
  • The RH850/F1K high-end automotive MCU is ideal for multiple protocol charging.
  • High-reliability buck and LDO provide a stable power supply.
  • Photocoupler and Nor Flash are used for an integrated system.



  • EV charger pile