This implementation of the HVPAK™ programmable mixed-signal matrix over PMOD™ provides flexibility for users to control and configure the HVPAK motor drive using any MCU/MPU. There are multiple protection sections implemented to use it as a standalone motor drive as well. The motors, the DC motor with direction and speed control as well as the stepper motor with micro-steps are easily configurable. This will reduce the development and turnaround time of any customer.

System Benefits​:

  • System overcurrent protection enables hard cut-off.
  • Small sleek components to create a PMOD implementation.
  • High voltage GreenPAK™ SLG47105 supports the stepper motor with full-stepping, half-stepping and micro-stepping, and 2-Ch DC motor drive.
  • Controlled and configured through I2C and GPIO for various speed, direction, sleep, and fault inputs.



  • Stepper motor/DC motor control applications
  • Smart locks and valves
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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