The right power and timing solutions are very important for Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator cards. Generally, current is above 50A and core power is below 1V and is suitable for a multiphase power supply. AI accelerator cards utilize a PCIe interface with many channels so a PCIe clock generator and clock buffer are needed. Renesas delivers leading power solutions and clocking solutions for AI acceleration. High-efficiency power ICs save PCB space and mitigate heat radiation for kW level power consumption. High-performance programmable VersaClock® 6E clock generators support PCIe Gen1-5 spread spectrum off(on), <0.5ps RMS phase jitter, 4 universal outputs pairs: LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, or 8 LVCMOS outputs. The 9QXL2001 is a 20-output DB2000QL PCIe clock buffer.

System Benefits​:

  • High-performance power attach for core and peripherals
  • Customizable clock tree design for ASIC or FPGA platforms

Target Applications:

  • Accelerators (GPU, ASIC, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Voltage regulation (VR) for microprocessors core, graphic and memory
  • High-density VR for server, networking and cloud


Power Timing System for AI Accelerator Card System Diagram