This elevator control system includes the main control, out/call and in/call boards. Integrated with Renesas’ AC servo solution and door control board, a complete elevator system is provided. Elevator control systems need stable, reliable, real-time communications to ensure the safety of the whole system. This solution delivers industrial grade power, redundant controls and analog interfaces to enable a robust elevator system.

System Benefits​:

  • High-grade MCU with industrial-level software certification (IEC 61508/IEC 61730 ecosystem support) for high reliability.
  • Leading robust RS-485 and highest isolation performance ensure stable and reliable communication.
  • High-reliability buck and LDO provide a stable power supply.
  • A GreenPAK™ programmable mixed-signal matrix is used for key input and LED control flexibility.



  • Elevator/Lift system
  • Distributed paging system
  • Industrial remote control system
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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