Renesas' lithium-ion battery management (Li-ion) solution is built around a battery management IC that offers a low-power microcontroller (MCU) and high-performance analog front-end (AFE) in a single package, along with an evaluation board, sample code and other tools to support the development of safe, secure and high-performance Li-ion batteries.

Target applications for Li-ion battery management solutions include notebook and laptop computers, power tools, cordless vacuums, and motor-assisted bikes.

  • Safety Control
    • Enable high battery pack safety with multiple fail-safe detection functions
      • Built-in self-diagnostic functions using an integrated MCU and AFE
      • Ultra-low power storage mode
      • Over/Undervoltage
      • Overcurrent
      • Over/Under temperature
      • FET control during failure
      • Fuse blow
  • Capacity Calculation
    • Continuous high accuracy battery capacity detection
      • Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital converter optimized for current, voltage and temperature measurement
      • Adjusts remaining capacity calculation dynamically for aged and deteriorated cells
      • Capacity calculation with built-in learning
      • Current and voltage calibration functions
      • Battery history and record keeping function
  • Comprehensive Development Environment
    • Starter kits with an evaluation board (EVB), sample code and user's manual for easy evaluation
      • Evaluate the device performance and operating behavior using the EVB; includes an E1 connector for easy on-chip debugging
      • Available sample program source code for all basic battery management functions
      • Communication with PC via I2C Bus
      • GUI I/F displays the battery parameter status such as voltage, current and temperature

For a starter kit, contact your local sales representative or distributor.