Renesas Naka Fab e-AI Demonstration Experiment

A demonstration experiment on equipment abnormality detection and predictive maintenance by e-AI was conducted (2015) at the semiconductor front-end factory -"Renesas Naka factory (Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)"- in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture. New added value, such as abnormality detection and predictive maintenance, can be realized without making major remodeling to existing facilities, while utilizing the existing facilities. In addition, e-AI has greatly improved detection precision with regard to facility abnormalities that previously could only be properly judged by a skilled technician or operator. We have received inquiries from more than 40 customers from Japan and overseas, and started discussions with more than 10 AI-related partners for concretization of business. This example convinced customers that e-AI could contribute to their business and could solve social problems. At the Naka factory, preparations are now under-way for practical use of e-AI for abnormality detection and predictive maintenance.

Plug-ins for e² studio for connecting AI and embedded systems are available.

Renesas NAKA Fab e-AI PoC