Smart Analog Software & Tools

Development tool lineup for taking full advantage of Smart Analog

Smart Products are made to pursue comfort and environmental friendliness. Many systems have attained this by combining sensors and MCUs. Between the sensors and MCUs, there is an analog circuit called an "analog front-end." Renesas Smart Analog devices and their development environment enable you to realize smart design for this circuit.

Smart Analog makes it possible to use software to apply settings and make changes to the analog front-end. This can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to develop sensor applications and substantially lower the cost. Renesas provides powerful support for customers wishing to bring products to market quickly by supplying easy-to-use GUI-based software that covers all aspects of the Smart Analog development environment.

The Smart Analog toolchain covers from sensor selection, to analog front-end design, to code development, to system verification, to programming.

Smart Analog Development Tool Lineup

*Regarding evaluation and development when using a combination of a Smart Analog IC and an RX Family MCU, please refer to the application note indicated below.

Smart Analog System development procedure by using SA-Designer (RX Family)

Other SA-Designer documentation