E/E architectures in the automotive CASE era are evolving and there is widespread use of Communication Gateways (CoGWs), in addition to the traditional key components of ADAS, IVI, and in-vehicle control. This solution provides a reference environment integrating a Driving Video Recorder (DVR)/Driver Monitoring System (DMS) for video processing applications into the central CoGW system by using the high-performance R-Car S4 for CoGW and R-Car M3/RH850.

System Benefits​:

  • A proven reference environment for evaluation of SoCs and MCU in a CoGW application
  • Reduces concept study time, and allows users to leap forward to the feasibility study and system rationalization using the different reference boards
  • Enables evaluation under high data rate conditions, communicating video data input/output via Gigabit Ethernet/PCIe
  • Provides foundational CoGW function and R-Car S4 allows extended functionality to DVR/DMS applications

*DVR and DMS middleware are provided by a partner.

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Communication Gateway and Integrated DVR/DMS System Solution
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