An anomaly detection system in a specific area with alert, based on "VisionPose" which is an original AI-Engine of Pose Estimation developed by NEXT-SYSTEM. It can recognize human body parts, and it is suitable for childcare & nursing-care. Deliver unique Pose Estimation technology with low power efficiency by using DRP-AI of RZ/V series.

Partner Video: Area Intrusion Detection RENESAS x VISIONPOSE


  • Easy to handle by 'Markerless-type'
    • Able to detect solo working by video signal from camera without any wearable device
  • Anomaly detection in a specific area recognizing each part of a human body
    • Judgment by skeletal frame information, able to recognize each parts individually
  • Real-time detection
    • Support real-time AI inference to get skeletal frame information
  • Implementable to Edge-device
    • Embed this AI-Engine to AI camera and other edge-device for rapid operation
  • Support Network camera (IP-camera)
    • Compatible with network (IP) cameras and able to monitor the congestion status in stores and monitor security.



  • Childcare
  • Accident prevention for hospital, nursing facility
  • Safety measure in work site


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