This Vision AI Sensor accelerated by RZ/V2L is a plug-n-play Edge AI hardware & software solution for Smart Cities & Spaces that drives the new era in urban area management. Based on the core functionalities of accurate, Vision AI-powered vehicle, object & citizen detection, the sensor comes with PerCV.ai intuitive dashboard for data visualisation and flow analytics. Traffic monitoring, Citizen Flow Monitoring and Smart Parking are just some of the supported applications.


  • VISION AI at the EDGE: Turns camera into a vision sensor that does all the AI processing at the endpoint using RZ/V2L – No Cloud necessary
  • EASY INTEGRATION: Compact size – easily integrated with existing software stack via industry standard MQTT protocol
  • 24/7 Analytics: Fully automated, unsupervised and privacy-preserving traffic & pedestrian flow monitoring and analytics around the clock
  • TIME to MARKET: From prototype to production deployment in 2 - 4 months



  • Smart Cities & Spaces Operations & Analytics
  • Smart Grid/Energy Saving, Smart Lighting
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Citizen Safety
  • Citizen Quality of Life & Accessibility


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