An inverter is used to convert DC power to the AC power used in an electric vehicle motor. The Renesas xEV inverter solution maximizes the HEV/EV motor performance, motor parameter calibration tool and practical inverter hardware designs using a combination of microcontrollers, power management ICs, gate driver ICs, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), and fast recovery diodes (FRD).

Click here for xEV inverter solutions using inductive position sensors (IPS)

System Benefits

  • Practical inverter specification for xEV 100kW class motors
  • Reference solution kit, including inverter reference designs, software, model base designs, and calibration tools
  • Function and performance verified through Renesas' motor bench, dedicated engineering support
  • 3.9L compact volume through highly integrated products and temperature management
  • Superior power efficiency, with 99% maximum inverter efficiency
  • Function is already proven in real car demos
  • High accuracy sensor error correction features

A reference solution kit including software is available to help customers easily start development and reduce the total lead time.


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