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Datasheets/User's Manuals


Describes product functions.

RX Family Datasheets

User's Manuals


Describes product specifications, operation, usage, electrical characteristics, and peripheral functions.

RX Family User's Manuals: Hardware


Describes instructions (assembly language) of the microcontrollers.

RX Family User's Manuals: Software

Usage Notes and Corrections to Documents

Documents notifying of changes to microcontroller specifications or documentation.
Please make sure to use these together with manuals during development.

RX Family Technical Updates

Application Notes

Describe how to use a peripheral function, example applications, how to create a program, and so on.
Many come with a sample program in C or assembly language. You can select what you need for your application from our rich selection of application notes.

RX Family Application Notes & Sample Code


Search for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

RX Family FAQ