Millimeter wave, also known as mmWave or just mmW, is a band of spectrum that is being used in various high-speed applications including consumer, communications, defense and security. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has designated this spectrum 'extremely high frequency' (EHF); describing radio frequencies from 30 to 300 GHz. Radio waves in this band have wavelengths from one to ten millimeters, hence the term: millimeter wave.

The high frequency is advantageous in that it allows for more bandwidth and higher data rates, making it an attractive solution for wireless infrastructure applications. Furthermore, due to its small wavelength, mmWave experiences higher atmospheric attenuation than longer-wavelength (lower frequency) signals. While this limits its range of distance, the attenuation characteristics make it ideal for frequency reuse and enhanced information security.

IDT offers high performance millimeter wave RF and timing products for 5G wireless basestations and fixed wireless access at 26/28/39 GHz, roof-top backhaul in E-band (71 to 86 GHz), and 5G small cell LTE backhaul and fixed wireless access in V-band (51 to 71 GHz). IDT products include RF beamformers, power amplifiersRapidWave™ baseband modem ICs, and advanced RF timing solutions.