This video discusses the HIP4086, 80V, 500mA, 3-Phase MOSFET Driver, at APEC 2013.


Hello my name is Evan Jian. Today, I'm at APEC conference 2013 to introduce you to the HIP4086 BLDC three-phase motor drive demonstration board. This demonstration board provides you with a reference design for ebikes, battery powered tools and other applications using three-phase BLDC motor drive. The HIP4086 bridge FET drivers can independently control six-channel N-MOSFETs and also are specifically designed for low noise and improved EMI application. It has very low quiescent currents as well as fast turn on and turn off speed to reduce switch loss and improve efficiency. Also the device is very easy to configure. It provides the use of programmable UVL, dead time, bootstraps, refresh time, and so on.

This demonstration board has all sensors in supporting all possible switching logic. It has 5V buck regulators and 12V regulators to provide power for the MOSFET drivers and the microcontrollers and all sensors on this board. The reference design has a pre-programmed open loop control for the three-phase BLDC motor drive. It also provides an interface for users to modify the program.

Now, I'm going to demonstrate the functions of the demo board. There are four functions of this board. First we have start and stop function, if I push this button the motor will start to spin and there's a potential meter on this board but we can use a screw driver to adjust the motor spinning speed, speed up and speed down. You push the start stop button the motor will gradually slow down and then stop, start again. The second button is reverse function so I push this reverse function button the motor will gradually slow down and then reverse the rotating direction. Another button is the brake. I press it and immediately stop and the fourth button is reset. I push the reset button, the program in the microcontroller resets.

Thank you for watching this video.