Renesas’ Smart Cluster reference solution includes full cluster functionality with additional features for dashboard market segments.

Key features include a stepper motor for RPM, segmented LCD display for speed, odometer, trip, clock, fuel level, gear, DTE, average, and a special area for displaying simple user defined logos and direction.

This innovative design adds wireless modules for communicating with smartphones. With this added feature, a traditional cluster becomes a smart cluster, enabling added functionality such as diagnostics, navigation, etc.

Block Diagram
Key Features
  • Additional Bluetooth wireless modules allow communication with smartphones for functionality such as diagnostics, navigation, etc.
  • Stepper motor RPM and LCD for speed and other indications like odometer, trip, RTC, fuel, etc. are available
  • Onboard debugging capability
  • Provision for connecting ZigBee wireless modules
  • Wide range of interface support: CAN bus interface, sound generator, stepper motor, etc.
  • RL78/D1A 16-bit true low power microcontroller
    • 32MHz flash memory/RAM up to a maximum of 512KB/24KB
    • CAN or LIN interface
    • Sound generator
    • Stepper motor controller/driver
    • Up to 216 segment LCD controller/driver
Recommended Products

Microcontroller: RL78/D1A (R5F10DPJ)

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