M3S-T4-Tiny for RX Family (hereafter abbreviated "T4") is a communications protocol software library for RX Family. It makes TCP/IP communication possible in an Ethernet-connected network for all types of equipment that incorporates RX MCUs.


  • TCP/IP protocol stack software (library in binary form)
  • Various sample driver software*
  • TCP/IP protocol stack sample program
  • TCP/IP protocol stack manual and other documents in a complete set

* The sample drivers are verified their running on the evaluation boards placed in the Operating Environment.


  • Memory-saving compact design (TCP/IP protocols processable by the internal memory of the microcontroller)
  • OS's unnecessary
  • Compliant with ITRON TCP/IP API specification
  • We have prepared a wrapper which converts the specifications of the ITRON TCP/IP API into those of a socket API.
  • Sample driver for LAN controller available
  • Efficient development through a combined use of Renesas development tools supported
  • We provide a range of the sample code for T4 as an application note.

Release Information

Latest Ver.: V.2.10 Release 00
Released: Apr 19, 2021
Details of upgrade (See Application Note)
Obtaining the Product

Target Devices


Design & Development

Sample Code

Additional Details

Operating Environment

  • CS+ for CC V8.04.00
  • e2 studio V20.10.0
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RX 4.14.01
C Compiler
Debugger (Optional)
Evaluation Board


SDIO Wireless LAN Expansion BoardWireless LAN expansion board package for RSK (includes Wireless LAN module (eWBC))(Part Number: RTK0ZZZZZZP00000BR)
Included Sample DriverRX Family Ethernet Controller Driver