RH850 Smart Configurator supports the new device RH850/F1KM-S2 group, high-end automotive microcontrollers ideal for body applications.

Smart Configurators automatically generate initial-setting programs for MCUs.
Each provides a quick and smart way of combining and configuring software to meet your needs, such as by configuring peripheral pins and importing middleware and drivers.

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Use the latest version of a Smart Configurator now and experience how it improves the efficiency of your development process.

For RA Family   For RZ Family    For RL78 Family   For RX Family   For RH850 Family

Target Devices

Target Families

  • RX Family
  • RL78 Family
  • RH850 Family
  • RZ Family
  • RA Family

See the Smart Configurator product page for each family for details of Target Devices.
*Please contact Renesas sales division for RE Family.


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