Low energy consumption, miniaturization and functional integration are the main trends in modern consumer electronics. AnalogPAK products perfectly accomplish these requirements.

Embedded high-performance analog blocks, such as operational amplifiers, can be configured and controlled by customer-defined logic functions to implement various Wake/Sleep scenarios as well as improve accuracy. All macrocells are packed in one IC to achieve a high integration level of common analog and digital components.

AnalogPAK Advanced Analog Scheme

Target Applications

  • Gas sensor analog front-end
  • Analog front-end for bridge sensors
  • Instrumentation amplifier with offset and gain trim
  • Tunable analog filters
  • Analog front-end for photodiode
  • Triangle wave generator with frequency trim
  • Button replacement using force-sensitive resistor sensor
  • Thermal protection with trimmable threshold
  • Other size/price critical analog circuits


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AnalogPAK – Mixed-Signal ASIC with Advanced Analog Features

AnalogPAK consists of embedded high-performance analog blocks configured and controlled by customer-defined logic all packed into one integrated IC.