The P9022 is an enhanced single-chip wireless power receiver that complies with Wireless Power Consortium's WPC 1.1 requirements for certification. Integrating a high-efficiency synchronous rectifier, high-efficiency buck converter, and control circuits, the P9022 provides output power up to 5W in accordance with the Qi specification. Users operating the P9022 together with an IDT wireless power transmitter can obtain power transfer up to 5W by utilizing a proprietary back-channel communication protocol, which expands upon the WPC-specified protocol to achieve higher power transfer using the advanced control loop.

NOTICE: This device is restricted to high volume and strategic applications only. For most customers, consider using our general market devices found at www.idt.com/go/WPkits.


  • Complies with WPC1.1 requirements for certification
  • Up to 5W power transfer in proprietary operating mode
  • Compatible with all WPC Receiver coils
  • Integrated synchronous full-bridge rectifier
  • Integrated synchronous buck converter
  • Optional back-channel communication
  • Advanced Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Over-Temperature/Voltage/Current Protection


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P9022 Enhanced WPC 1.1 Qi Wireless Power Receiver by IDT


A brief overview of the P9022 - a WPC 1.1-compliant enhanced single-chip wireless power receiver with embedded microcontroller and high-power, high-efficiency rectification and regulation circuits. The embedded microcontroller provides a variety of status and control features beyond the Qi specification, enabling the development of innovative usability and interface designs, as well as sophisticated power delivery schemes via IDT's proprietary transmitter/receiver back-channel communication protocol. Presented by Brett Etter, Business Development Manager at IDT. For more information about IDT's wireless power solution, visit www.wirelesspowerbyidt.com.



Hello, My name is Brett Etter, and I'm the Business Development Manager for Wireless Power Solutions here at IDT. I'd like to share with you the new wireless power receiver we have available on the market today.
The IDT9022 is a fully integrated, single-chip solution that is WPC 1.1 compliant. It will deliver up to 5W in Chi compatibility mode, and up to 8W in proprietary power delivery mode. It does include an integrated synchronous full-bridge rectifier as well as a synchronous buck output converter. It communicates via an I2C interface and comes in a wafer level CSP package. Safety features include over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage protection, as well as WC 1.1 compatible foreign object detection.
To find out more about receiver solutions, as well as the full family of wireless power transmitters available from IDT, you can visit www.wirelesspowerbyidt.com
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