The RAA271005 is a general purpose Power Management IC (PMIC) suitable for R-Car SoC series. It  contains five DC/DC switching regulators and six low-drop out linear regulators (LDO). DCDC5 switching regulator can be configured to work in buck mode, or can be configured as a boost. 

The RAA271005 PMIC supports low power operation, where three of the switching regulators (Buck3–Buck5) have been optimized to consume low quiescent current.

RAA271005 supports up to ASIL D functional safety, and includes an independent reference for monitoring of the output voltages, dual internal temperature monitors, challenge response watchdog timer, SoC and MCU error pin monitors, reset generator, a dedicated safety-control state machine, and safety shutdown path. An integrated 12-bit ADC monitors all input rails, output rails, internal temperature, and includes additional inputs to monitor external analog sources.

RAA271005 is available in a 6 × 11 BGA package, with 0.65mm pitch. The device is offered as AECQ100 Grade 1 operation, supporting an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

See also the RAA271041. This product works together with the RAA271005 to support RCAR-S4.


  • Input Voltage Range 2.7V–5.5V
  • 5 High Efficiency Switching Regulators with adjustable output voltages
    • 12A (Buck1); VOUT from 0.3V to 3.3V
    • 2.5A (Buck2–Buck5); VOUT from 0.3V to 3.3V
    • Merge-mode 2 × 2.5A regulators = 5A
    • Buck5 can operate as asynchronous boost
    • 6 Linear Drop Out (LDO) Regulators
    • 4 × 60mA; VOUT = 1.8V or 3.3V
    • 2 × 500mA; VOUT = 0.6V to 3.3V
  • Programmable current limits for all bucks
  • 12-bit Analog to Digital converter for monitoring with programmable OV/UV thresholds
  • Programmable power sequence. Fully supports S4 sequence requirements
  • Low-Iq Deep-stop / Always On (AWO) Mode
  • Suspend-to-RAM / DDR-backup Mode
  • Supports R-Car Soc Activation
  • Q&A Watchdog Timer
  • Configurable through I2C or SPI interface
  • SoC and MCU error pin monitors
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified




  • Vehicle Computers
  • Communication Gateway
  • Domain Server
  • Application Server


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