This product is a CPU card for motor control with RX72M. It can control BLDC motors and stepping motors when used in combination with the corresponding inverter board.

Supported inverter boards (kits)

  • Evaluation System for BLDC Motor (P/N: RTK0EMX270S00020BJ)
  • Evaluation System for Stepping Motor with Resolver (P/N: RTK0EMX270S01020BJ)


  • Supports the motor control development support tool "Renesas Motor Workbench"
  • As Renesas RDC-IC (P/N: RAA3064002GFP) is equipped, motor with resolver sensor can be controlled
  • Supports EtherCAT®
  • Equipped with an on-board flash programming circuit



Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

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Renesas Motor Workbench
Renesas Motor Workbench is a development support tool for debugging, analyzing, and tuning motor control programs.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
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PCB Design Files ZIP 1.15 MB
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