RL78/F15 automotive microcontrollers employ the RL78 core, which realizes high processing performance while delivering the lowest power consumption in its class. A high-speed on-chip oscillator provides 32MHz CPU operation. An enhanced motor control functionality is offered by the motor control timer (Timer RD). For easy migration, RL78/F15 is pin and software upwards compatible with RL78/F14. The RL78/F15 Group even supports 125 ℃ (target) operation, whereby a CPU clock of 24 MHz can be reached. In addition, an abundance of functions to support functional safety, like ECC on RAM and a stack pointer monitor as well as an A/D converter testing function are available. With packages from 48 to 144-pin, a memory range from 128KB to 512KB flash, and advanced IPs for LIN and 2 channels of CAN communication and IEBus, these products are very well suited for a broad range of cost-sensitive automotive applications like DC and BLDC motor control, HVAC, lighting and many kinds of body applications. Design resources are available here to help you get your design to market as quickly as possible.


We have placed all related primary documentation on this page such as user's guides, application notes and collateral.

User Manuals

Electrical Characteristics

Collateral Materials

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Motor Control

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Hardware Tools

In the Hardware Tools section, we provide links to the MCU starter kits. The starter kit is a fully self-contained hardware and software tool for evaluating microcontroller features and performance and can be used to start development. It includes the Renesas E1 on-chip debugger, access to all I/O pins and serial interfaces such as RS-232, LIN, and CAN. The starter kit is the fastest way to get the hardware and software needed to begin development right away. We provide links to the user's manual and quick start guide as well as a link to purchase.

Starter Kits

Starter Kit Description Featured Documents Ordering
  • Target board Y-QB-R5F113TL-TB-V2 includes an RL78/F15 device with 144 pins and 512KB Flash memory
  • E1 OCD emulator (HW – OCD and flash programmer)
  • IAR EWRL78 KickStart Edition (SW – compiler from IAR with limited feature set)
  • Quick-Start Guide (Documentation with SW examples)
pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual

pdf_icon_for_table.png Quick Start Guide

Programming Tools

We also offer a newer and faster emulator for separate purchase. While there is a debugger included in the starter kit, we offer the option here to purchase the newer and faster E2 emulator/debugger for programming and debugging RL78/F1x devices.

In addition to a hardware emulator/debugger, we also offer the Renesas Flash Programmer for free download. The Flash programmer contains a simple-to-use graphical user interface which is ideal for first-time developers.

Programming Tools Description Featured Documents Ordering
E2 Emulator On-chip debugging emulator for RH850 family and RL78 family. Also available as a flash memory programmer. pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual Contact Us
Renesas Flash Programmer
(Programming GUI)
The Renesas Flash Programmer provides usable and functional support for programming the on-chip flash memory of Renesas microcontrollers in each phase of development and mass production.
  • A simple GUI makes operations easy, even for first-time developers
  • PC-controlled programming via the E1 emulator or E2 emulator, a serial or USB connection
pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual Free Download

Software Tools

In the Software Tools section, we have many resources to assist with your MCU project.

For your compiler toolchain needs, we recommend IAR Systems. We provide a link to the partner site which allows you to start your design without delay.

In addition, we offer software libraries, and driver generation software called Applilet3. It's available for free download, and it provides support in generating device drivers for peripheral modules. The software and user manuals for Applilet3 are provided for your convenience.

Compiler Toolchain

Company Company Logo Description
IAR Systems
IAR Embedded Workbench provides extensive support for RL78 devices. IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete set of development tools with leading optimization technology for creating powerful automotive applications.

Software Libraries

The Flash Libraries are provided to easily rewrite the RL78 code and the data flash memory. The Flash Self-programming Library (FSL) can be used to rewrite the code flash. The Data Flash Access Library (FDL) allows simple access to the data flash. By the use of the EEPROM Emulation Library (EEL) the data flash performs in an EEPROM-like manner. The EEL also contains the FDL.

Software Library Featured Documents Download
Flash Self-programming Library Type T01, European Release pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual archive Software
Data Flash Access Library Type T04 (Pico), European Release pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual archive Software
EEPROM Emulation Library Type T02 (Tiny), European Release pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual archive Software

Software Tools

Software Featured Documents Download
Applilet3 Code Generator pdf_icon_for_table.png User's Manual archive Software


In this section, we provide links to instructional videos, workshops, and other introductory materials.


In case you still can't find what you're looking for, we provide links to Frequently Asked Questions and Forums as well as support links to send an inquiry to a Renesas expert about our RL78/F1x products.


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