The CK-RA6M5 cloud kit enables users to securely connect to the cloud and explore the features of the Cortex®-M33 based RA6M5 group of MCUs and cloud services. With Renesas’ LTE Cellular CAT-M1 module RYZ014A and ethernet network connectivity options the kit provides a seamless cloud connectivity experience to most of the global cloud service providers. With Renesas Flexible Software Package (FSP) the kit has complete software stack support using FreeRTOS, Azure RTOS and other middleware stacks, thereby making it an ideal platform for efficiently developing cloud solutions and greatly reducing the time-to-market.

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Kit Contents

  • CK-RA6M5 v1 board
  • RYZ014A PMOD (CAT-M1 Cellular Module)
  • Micro USB to A cable
  • Micro USB A/B to A adapter cable
  • SIM card
  • Antenna


  • Key Features
    • LTE CAT-M1 with RYZ014A PMOD
    • Ethernet
    • USB Full Speed Host and Device
    • Sensors:
      • Humidity and Temperature
      • Indoor Air Quality Index
      • Outdoor Air Quality Index
      • Heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate
      • Barometric Pressure
      • 9 axis Motion Tracking
    • 2 MEMS Microphones
    • Battery connector for portability
    • Arduino™ (Uno R3) connector
  • On-board MCU
    • RF7A6M5BH3CFC microcontroller
    • 200MHz, Arm® Cortex®-M33 core
    • 2MB Code Flash, 512KB SRAM
    • 176 pins, LQFP package
  • Ecosystem
    • MCU and Pmod current measurement points
    • 5V input through USB or external power supply
    • USB-serial converter
    • Debug on-board (SEGGER J-Link)
    • 4 user LEDS
    • One user button
    • 2 Digilent Pmod™ (SPI/UART/I2C: Type-6A and Type-2A) connectors



Document title Document type
Date Date
PDF 1.42 MB Quick Start Guide
PDF 1.23 MB Application Note
PDF 788 KB 日本語 Application Note
PDF 2.74 MB Application Note
PDF 3.24 MB Application Note
PDF 3.75 MB 简体中文 Application Note
PDF 1.02 MB Application Note
PDF 672 KB Application Note
PDF 536 KB Application Note
PDF 761 KB 日本語 Flyer
PDF 4.59 MB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 1.86 MB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 2.55 MB Quick Start Guide
PDF 189 KB Release Note
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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
Flexible Software Package (FSP)
FSP is an enhanced software package designed to provide easy-to-use, scalable, high-quality software for embedded system designs using Renesas RA Family of Arm Microcontrollers. Note: FSP with e² studio Installer (Platform Installer) will install the e² studio tool, FSP packs, GCC toolchain and Segger J-Link drivers required to use this software. No additional installations are required.
Software Package Renesas
Quick-Connect IoT Platform
Quick-Connect IoT platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
Other Hardware Renesas
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Software Downloads

Software title Software type Type Date Date
ZIP 60.57 MB PCB Design Files
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Sample Code

Sample Code

Title Type Date Date
[Software=RA FSP|v4.2.0]
ZIP 5.96 MB Compiler: GNUARM-None IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
[Software=FSP | v4.2.0],[Toolchain: GCC ARM Embedded Toolchain version]
ZIP 11.82 MB Compiler: GNUARM-None IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
[Software=FSP | v4.2.0],[Toolchain: GCC ARM Embedded Toolchain version]
ZIP 12.61 MB Compiler: GNUARM-None IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
ZIP 7.36 MB Sample Code
[Software=RA FSP|v4.2.0]
ZIP 6.07 MB Compiler: GNUARM-None IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
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