Multiple & reconfigurable connectivity functions to expedite your AI/ML System. Easy-to-use hardware platform for multimodal AI/ML solutions based on the RA4E1 MCU from the RA Family of 32-bit MCUs.

The hardware platform is intended to be used for different kinds of AI/ML single or multimodal use cases supporting Realtime Analytics. It enables various combinations of different plug-in sensors in combination with the onboard available analog microphones.

It is supported by Reality AI Software for Realtime Analytics, and by the Renesas Ready Partner Network for specific use cases.

The AI Kit will enable you to evaluate and test the available application examples, but also develop your own solutions by using the available ecosystem and AI/ML software.


  • Hardware Features
    • Up to three Digilent Pmod™ ports (SPI/UART/I2C) for sensors and peripherals connectivity.
    • Camera & analog microphones interface.
    • Ethernet & CAN interface.
    • External SDRAM (128Mbit).
    • USB Full Speed device support.
    • Segger J-Link® on board debugger with Virtual COM port functionality.
  • Add-on AI Features



  • Edge AIoT Applications within all smart segments.
    • Agriculture
    • Home Automation
    • Consumers
    • Transport & Logistic
    • Building Automation
    • Health Care
    • City Infrastructure
    • Industrial Automation


Type Title Date
Quick Start Guide PDF 1.11 MB
Flyer PDF 679 KB
Manual - Development Tools PDF 983 KB
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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
Flexible Software Package (FSP)
FSP is an enhanced software package designed to provide easy-to-use, scalable, high-quality software for embedded system designs using Renesas RA Family of Arm Microcontrollers. Note: FSP with e² studio Installer (Platform Installer) will install the e² studio tool, FSP packs, GCC toolchain, and Segger J-Link drivers required to use this software. No additional installations are required.
Software Package Renesas
Reality AI Tools®
Reality AI Tools® users automatically explore sensor data and generate optimized models.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
RealityCheck™ AD for Industrial Anomaly Detection
RealityCheck™ AD is a ready-to-implement anomaly detection solution for monitoring factory and process-industry assets.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
RealityCheck™ HVAC Solutions Suite
Complete framework for smart, self-diagnosing HVAC systems
Solution Toolkit Renesas
RealityCheck™ Motor Toolbox
Advanced software toolbox enabling predictive maintenance and anomaly detection
Solution Toolkit Renesas
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Sample Code

AI Solution Kit Demo Video with Reality AI Tools

See how to use the scalable Renesas AI Kits to evaluate and test the application examples and develop your own solutions using Reality AI Tools or other available ecosystem and AI/ML software.

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