The SH7723 (SH-MobileR2) is a system LSI that incorporates SH-4A CPU core operating at maximum frequency of 400MHz, FPU (Floating-point Processing Unit), cache memory (primary and secondary), DDR-SDRAM controller, VPU5 (Video Processing Unit 5), 2D graphics accelerator, video I/O, LCD controller, ATAPI interface, TS interface and sound input/output etc. The SH7723 supports advanced power management function, and satisfies both the demand of high performance and the low power consumption requested from mobile devices. & The SH7723 is appropriate for the applications such as One-Seg capable car navigation systems, PND (Personal Navigation Device), portable media players and various display terminals.




  • Car Information System
  • Common Automotive Technologies
  • Security
  • Home Appliance


Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH Family
C/C++ Compiler package for SuperH RISC engine Family. Simulator debugger and High-performance Embedded Workshop included.
Compiler/Assembler Renesas
MISRA C Rule Checker SQMlint
MISRA C Rule Checker (option)
Compiler/Assembler Renesas
E10A-USB HS0005KCU01H for H-UDI Interface
E10A-USB emulator not supporting AUD trace function.
Emulator Renesas
E10A-USB HS0005KCU02H for AUD Trace Function
E10A-USB emulator supporting AUD trace function.
Emulator Renesas
High-performance Embedded Workshop
Renesas integrated development environment (IDE) (for SuperH, RX, R8C, M32R, M16C, H8SX, H8S, H8, and 740 families).
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Simulator Debugger for SuperH Family
Simulator debugger for the SuperH RISC engine family [Support IDE : High-performance Embedded Workshop] (Note: This product is included in Compiler Package and is not available separately.)
Simulator Renesas
USB Drivers
Device drivers for USB communication using USB interface with built-in microcomputer and USB ASSP
USB Renesas
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Software Downloads

Type Title Date
Software & Tools - Evaluation Software Log in to Download ZIP 122.72 MB 日本語
Upgrade - Compiler Log in to Download ZIP 116.76 MB 日本語
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