DDR5 memory is projected to double the bandwidth of DDR4, and as with previous generations of DDR memory, Renesas' devices are leading the market in performance and reliability. Renesas has a complete family of ICs to develop high-performance DDR5 RDIMM, MCR DIMM, LRDIMM, NVDIMM, UDIMM, SODIMM, gaming DIMM, and memory interface products for server and client memory down applications. Renesas’ portfolio includes power management ICs (PMICs), SPD hubs, registered clock drivers, temperature sensors, data buffers, and I3C re-driver and expander products. Renesas' family of DDR5 and I3C expander ICs enables the next generation of server and client DIMM as well as server and client motherboard solutions to efficiently scale to greater performance, density, and reliability while reducing overall system power.

Renesas also offers an industrial temp DDR5 RCD that supports temperatures as low as -40 °C and as high as 105 °C for DDR5 industrial temperature dual inline memory modules (DIMMs) and memory-down applications.

With a deep history of delivering industry-leading memory interface chipsets for all DDR generations, Renesas' devices will provide reliable performance to meet the most demanding enterprise and data center applications.

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