Renesas offers a broad line of low power, high-speed, industry-standard SRAMs that provide high reliability, stable supply and long lifetime support in the industrial and communications markets.

The Renesas first-in, first-out (FIFO) portfolio includes more than 140 synchronous, asynchronous and bidirectional products to solve inter-chip communications protocol problems, such as rate matching, buffering and bus matching. Renesas' multi-port memory portfolio contains more than 100 types of asynchronous and synchronous dual-ports, four-ports and bank-switchable dual-ports.

As emerging memory products, Renesas provides a family of MRAM devices that feature the widest range of SPI interface non-volatile memory sizes, along with superior performance.

Renesas is the industry leader in memory interface devices, offering JEDEC-compliant registered clock driver (RCD) and data buffer (DB) products to meet the tight timing budget requirement of dual in-line memory modules (DIMM) and memory interface applications. High-performance, low-voltage standard logic ICs and bus switch logic ICs are also available.

The Renesas NOR Flash portfolio offers a wide range of non-volatile memory (NVM) products with features designed to help tune and optimize your system.


Bus Switch

Low ON-resistance and high-speed switching without adding propagation delay

EHB (Embedded Host Bridges)

Access common system memory and configure and manage system I/O.

FIFO Products

Synchronous, asynchronous, queuing and bidirectional First-In, First-Out products

Memory Interface Products

Products for DIMM, DRAM and NAND memory interface applications

Multi-Port Memory

Asynchronous/Synchronous dual-port, four-port and bank-switchable dual-port memory

Network Search Engine

High-performance deterministic search results for high-end packet processing

Non-Volatile Memory

NVM products with features designed to help tune and optimize your system


Low power, high-speed asynchronous and synchronous SRAM

Standard Logic

High-performance, low-voltage standard logic ICs, and high-speed CMOS FCT, LVC, ALVC logic


How DDR4 LRDIMMs Transcend RDIMMs in Today's Enterprise Servers

A white paper authored by IDT and Micron details research into memory and bandwidth for today's high-performance servers. LRDIMMS and RDIMMS traditionally have been seen as complimentary, with the former targeting applications requiring deeper memory and the latter for applications requiring higher bandwidth. The introduction of 8-gigabit DRAMS has resulted in a growing number of Internet applications benefiting from both deeper memories and higher bandwidth. This paper shows how 32 GB 2RX4 LRDIMMs transcend similar RDIMMs to meet the needs of today’s data center enterprise servers, by providing an optimal combination of deeper memory and higher data bandwidth, even at mainstream module densities.

To download the white paper, and for more information about IDT's DDR4 memory solutions, visit

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