The RH4Z2501 is a line driver / level shifter IC for IO-link communication with integrated protection. It addresses the IO-Link device physical layer for sensors and actuator systems. Furthermore, the IC can also be used as single channel master. For device configuration and status reading, an OWI communication interface is available. The output drivers allow push-pull operation, with a maximum RDSon of less than 2.5Ω for all operational temperatures. The RH4Z2501 is fabricated in a powerful CMOS mixed-signal technology that allows short supply voltage peaks up to 60V.


  • Voltage supply range from 9V to 36V
  • Over-voltage peak robustness of ±60V
  • Ambient Temperature range -40°C to 125°C
  • Configurable driver output current 50mADC to 400mADC
  • RDSON of less than 2.5Ω
  • Adjustable driver slew rate
  • Integrated Wake-up detection
  • MCU assisted Wake-up generation (typ. 700mA)
  • OWI digital communication and calibration interface
  • Integrated Linear Voltage Regulators 3.3V and 5V
  • Glitch filter for receiver
  • Integrated protection:
    • ±1.25kV/2.5A (peak) surge protection for L+, CQ, GND/L- (8/20 μs pulse acc. IEC 61000-4- 5)
    • Reverse polarity protection for L+, CQ, GND/L-
  • On-chip diagnostics:
    • Over temperature detection
    • Supply voltage monitor
    • Broken chip detection




  • Universal cable driver
  • IO-Link physical-layer transceiver (PHY)
  • IO-Link-compliant devices
  • IO-Link-compliant masters
  • 24V line driver/level shifter


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RH4Z2501 Single Channel IO-Link Line Driver Overview

See how the robust RH4Z2501 combines flexible configurations and embedded diagnostics to simplify IO-Link integration and achieve best-in-class performance.