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Renesas offers industry-leading devices to enable efficient and reliable communication for industrial control, networking and computing applications. Dual protocol transceivers, voltage level translators, I2C Buffers, wide operating voltage range RS-232 transceivers, and RS-485/422 devices with the highest noise immunity and ESD protection in small packages are available to support high-speed data transfer and a variety of configurations to fit your applications.

Renesas Interface Devices For Efficient and Reliable Communication

Renesas RS-485, RS-422 and RS-232 transceivers are industry-leaders in industrial process control, telecommunications, and hundreds of different applications. Renesas offers many options for low voltage, low power and low cost transceivers. Our full featured transceivers include improved ESD protection, and our over-voltage/fault protected transceivers can handle voltages much higher than those required by the RS-485 standard. Our portfolio also includes high speed transceivers for applications like robotics, motor control and data acquisition, and multi-protocol transceivers for applications requiring both a RS-232 and RS-485 serial port.

Renesas signal integrity products with Q-Active technology provide a 300% reach extension over passive copper solutions, and consume 80% less power than competing optical solutions. We also have redriver chips with analog equalizers; the perfect solution for VESA DisplayPort v1.3 (8.1Gbps) USB-C long active cables.

Six Ways Renesas Products Enhance Your Serial Port:

  1. IEC61000 Enhanced ESD Protection
  2. Ruggedized Fault Protected
  3. High Speed
  4. Low Voltage & Power
  5. Low Cost
  6. Multi-Protocol

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