The ICL7126 is a high performance, very low power 31/2-digit, A/D converter. All the necessary active devices are contained on a single CMOS IC, including seven segment decoders, display drivers, reference, and clock. The ICL7126 is designed to interface with a liquid crystal display (LCD) and includes a backplane drive. The supply current of 100µA is ideally suited for 9V battery operation. The ICL7126 brings together an unprecedented combination of high accuracy, versatility, and true economy. It features auto-zero to less than 10µV, zero drift of less than 1µV/oC, input bias current of 10pA maximum, and rollover error of less than one count. The versatility of true differential input and reference is useful in all systems, but gives the designer an uncommon advantage when measuring load cells, strain gauges and other bridge-type transducers. And finally the true economy of single power operation allows a high performance panel meter or multi-meter to be built with the addition of only 10 passive components and a display. The ICL7126 can be used as a plug-in replacement for the ICL7106 in a wide variety of applications, changing only the passive components.


  • 8,000 Hours Typical 9V Battery Life
  • Guaranteed Zero Reading for 0V Input on All Scales
  • True Polarity at Zero for Precise Null Detection
  • 1pA Typical Input Current
  • True Differential Input and Reference
  • Direct LCD Display Drive - No External Components Required
  • Pin Compatible With the ICL7106
  • Low Noise - Less Than 15µVP-P
  • On-Chip Clock and Reference
  • Low Power Dissipation Guaranteed Less Than 1mW
  • No Additional Active Circuits Required
  • Pb-Free Available (RoHS Compliant)




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