The µPD166036 is an N-channel high side driver with built-in charge pump and embedded protection function. It is also a linear solenoid driver with a built-in differential amplifier. When device is overtemperature or overcurrent is generated in output MOS, the protection function operates to prevent destruction and degradation of the product. When the current flows through the external shunt resistor near the input part of the differential amplifier, the voltage drops at each end of the resistor. The output current can be monitored when the microcomputer reads the output voltage from the amplifier.


  • High temperature operation (Tch = 175°C MAX.)
  • Built-in charge pump circuit
  • Low on-state resistance
    • RDS(ON) = 100 mW MAX. (VIN = VIH, IO = 1.5A, Tch = 25°C)
  • Built-in protection circuit
    • Current limitation
    • Overtemperature protection
  • Built-in differential amplifier (gain = 8 times)
  • Package: Power SOP 8


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