An "FPGA Microcontroller" enables you to realize the functions of a general-purpose microcontroller in an FPGA. We introduce FPGA microcontrollers at a page at a link from our web page for intellectual property (IP) products and blogs. Now, to give you a deeper understanding, we’ll introduce the activities of Renesas for realizing microcontrollers in FPGAs.

Hiroshi Tsuchiya, Senior Staff Engineer

In our series highlighting the history and future of the 32bit MCU RX software suite developed and provided by Renesas, aimed at enabling application development through low-code and no-code approaches, this 12th blog focuses on enhancing product value using Tracealyzer, a tool created by our partner.

Hiroki Ishiguro, Sr Principal Software Engineer

Semiconductor device manufacturing involves a complex series of processes that transform raw materials into finished devices.

Andreas Bier, Sr Principal Product Marketing Specialist

A detailed look at how the power-saving functions of the RA2E3 MCU help reduce unnecessary power consumption in general-purpose applications.

Prabhath Horagodage, Senior Staff Product Management

Blog discussing Renesas’ R-Car Gen 5 Family

Vivek Bahn, Senior VP and Co-GM, High-Performance Computing, Analog and Power Solutions Group

As the RISC-V platform continues to gain momentum, Renesas has developed a RISC-V CPU to expand its IP portfolio and provide the industry’s broadest platform choice to customers.

Giancarlo Parodi, Principal Product Marketing Engineer

Introducing Renesas' IO-Link solutions for fieldbus devices that contribute to the implementation of industrial automation.

Kayoko Nemoto, Senior Staff Marketing Specialist

Elementary students came to the Musashi site in November 2023 for job experience. We’ll show you what it was like that day.

Tsuyoshi Maruyama, Staff Digital Engineer

This blog explores ideas on how to enhance AD & ADAS central computing solutions with collaboration and complementary expertise.

Jacques Bittar, Principal Product Marketing Specialist

Using the security RSSK equipped with RL78/F24, it can easily generate difficult key registration data and Secure Boot MAC by GUI. It can also be used as an inexpensive security tool for beginners.

Makoto Endo, Principal Product Marketing Specialist