The RX13T 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) is perfect for optimized single motor control applications used to drive vector control/field-oriented control (FOC) of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (brushless DC motor). The RX13T features a best-in-class built-in floating point unit (FPU) at 32MHz and various built-in peripheral functions, making for a compact and low BOM cost single motor control board. This design demonstrates a standard DC input (24V) and utilizes the axial position sensor, allowing motor axle position feedback without HALL effect sensors.

System Benefits​:

  • Shows a discrete integration of high voltage/current MOSFETs
  • Features a rotational sensor, a highly integrated contactless sensing device
  • Supports a wide range of motor capabilities, from 12V up to 36V, max 4A (144W) 
  • Offers simple interfacing to external control hardware (ADC input, PWM input)




  • Flight and car simulators for gaming (steering wheel, speed/brake pedals) and RC cars.

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Template 1 Sheet.826 Ground.816 Sheet.828 Sheet.829 Connector Line.819 Sheet.821 Ground.816 Sheet.823 Sheet.824 Connector Line.819 Sheet.820 Ground.816 Sheet.817 Sheet.818 Connector Line.819 Connector Line.799 Connector Line.737 Connector Line.738 Connector Line.739 Connector Line.725 Connector Line.729 Connector Line.730 Connector dotted line Connector Line.699 Connector Line.700 Connector Line.705 Connector Line Connector Line.448 Connector Line.449 EU068 EU068 EU068 Vertical Wire Bundle 2 2 2 Sheet.431 Vertical Wire Bundle.434 2 2 2 Sheet.436 Vertical Wire Bundle.442 2 2 2 Sheet.444 Half Bridge Driver Half-Bridge Driver Half-Bridge Driver Half Bridge-Driver Half-Bridge Driver Half-Bridge Driver Connector Arrow.445 Vertical Wire Bundle.453 2 2 2 Sheet.455 Vertical Wire Bundle.456 2 2 2 Sheet.458 Vertical Wire Bundle.459 2 2 2 Sheet.461 Vertical Wire Bundle.465 3 3 3 Sheet.467 Current Sense Current Sense Current Sense Connector Line.492 BLDC Motor Square.40 Inductor.10 Sheet.496 Sheet.497 Sheet.498 Inductor.14 Sheet.500 Sheet.501 Sheet.502 Inductor.18 Sheet.504 Sheet.505 Sheet.506 Dynamic connector Dynamic connector.27 Dynamic connector.25 Square Sheet.511 Square.41 Sheet.513 Sheet.514 Sheet.515 Vertical Wire Bundle.516 3 3 3 Sheet.518 48 Volt3ph Motor 3ph Motor 3ph Motor MOSFET MOSFET MOSFET Sheet.561 Sheet.562 Sheet.563 Sheet.564 Sheet.565 Sheet.566 Sheet.567 Sheet.568 Sheet.569 Sheet.570 Sheet.571 Sheet.572 Sheet.573 Sheet.574 Sheet.575 Connect.576 Sheet.577 Sheet.578 Sheet.581 Sheet.582 Sheet.583 Sheet.584 Sheet.585 Sheet.586 Sheet.587 Sheet.588 Sheet.589 Sheet.590 Sheet.591 Sheet.592 Sheet.593 Sheet.594 Sheet.595 Connect.596 Sheet.597 Sheet.598 Sheet.600 Sheet.601 Sheet.602 Sheet.603 Sheet.604 Sheet.605 Sheet.606 Sheet.607 Sheet.608 Sheet.609 Sheet.610 Sheet.611 Sheet.612 Sheet.613 Sheet.614 Connect.615 Sheet.616 Sheet.617 Sheet.621 Sheet.622 Sheet.623 Sheet.624 Sheet.625 Sheet.626 Sheet.627 Sheet.628 Sheet.629 Sheet.630 Sheet.631 Sheet.632 Sheet.633 Sheet.634 Sheet.635 Connect.946 Sheet.637 Sheet.638 Sheet.640 Sheet.641 Sheet.642 Sheet.643 Sheet.644 Sheet.645 Sheet.646 Sheet.647 Sheet.648 Sheet.649 Sheet.650 Sheet.651 Sheet.652 Sheet.653 Sheet.654 Connect.655 Sheet.656 Sheet.657 Sheet.659 Sheet.660 Sheet.661 Sheet.662 Sheet.663 Sheet.664 Sheet.665 Sheet.666 Sheet.667 Sheet.668 Sheet.669 Sheet.670 Sheet.671 Sheet.672 Sheet.673 Connect.674 Sheet.675 Sheet.676 24V 24V 24V Ground Sheet.693 Sheet.694 Shunt Resistors Shunt Resistors Shunt Resistors Half Bridge Driver.695 Half-Bridge Driver Half-Bridge Driver Connector Line.701 Position Sensor Position Sensor Position Sensor VCC VCC VCC Vertical Wire Bundle.706 2 2 2 Sheet.708 Vertical Wire Bundle.709 2 2 2 Sheet.711 Vertical Wire Bundle.712 1 1 1 Sheet.714 Connector 1.160 2 2 2 Position Sense (Angle Sine/Cosine) Position Sense (Angle Sine/Cosine) Position Sense (Angle Sine/Cosine) Vertical Wire Bundle.718 5 5 5 Sheet.720 Connector Line.721 Connector 1.160.722 Connector 1.723 Connector 1.724 Sheet.736 MCU MCU MCU Vcc Vcc Vcc PWM U PWM U PWM U PWM V PWM V PWM V PWM W PWM W PWM W PWM 3 (HZ).413 Analog In/Cop Analog In/Cop GPIO/IRQ In GPIO/IRQ In GPIO/IRQ In Analog In Analog In Analog In I2C Master I2C Master I2C Master UART UART UART Analog In.732 Analog In Analog In GPIO GPIO GPIO PWM Speed Control PWM Speed Control PWM Speed Control Connected signals line Connected signals line.743 Vertical Wire Bundle.744 2 2 2 Sheet.746 RS-232 RS-232 RS-232 PWM PWM PWM Sheet.761 Connector Line.749 Sheet.752 Resistor - Fixed.128 5 Volts 5V 5V Connector 1.160.757 Negative Power Rail Line.758 Line.759 Speed Speed Speed Sheet.792 Connector Line.791 Resistor - Fixed.128 5-Volts 5V 5V Connector 1.757 Power Power Power Diode - LED Sheet.783 Sheet.784 Sheet.785 Sheet.786 Sheet.787 Darlington.651 Sheet.789 Darlington.254 Connector Line.795 Connector Line.796 Connector 1.160.797 Single component LDO LDO Single component.794 DC/DC DC/DC Connector Arrow 10v 10V 10V 0.8mAmax 0.8mAmax 0.8mAmax Connector 1.160.802 10 v 10V 10V 0.8mA max 0.8mAmax 0.8mAmax 10 v 10V 10V 0.8 mAmax 0.8mAmax 0.8mAmax Connector 1.808 10VIN 10VIN 10VIN 10VIN 10V 10V Connector Arrow.811 Connector Line.812 24VIN 24VIN 24VIN Connector 1.160.814 Connector 1.815
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