This access control system is used to provide authenticated access and store user information through an NFC card, camera, or manually entering user information. Capacitive buttons ensure that no mechanical key failure is encountered over a long period of usage. Haptics are provided for active response to the user on touch. A proximity sensor is provided for auto wake-up functionality. The option of porting either a Linux or Android operating system gives the user flexibility in terms of UI experiences.

System Benefits:

  • Connectivity supported: GSM LTE Cat-M1, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE, Ethernet, NFC
  • Lower infrastructure cost with Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Local storage for database, history/log and alarm events
  • Local/remote authentication, user-defined rules & policies
  • Video, audio, and connectivity all managed by high-performance cost-effective MPU
  • Wide operating system support (Android or Linux with Qt)




  • Office access management / metro rail
  • Vending machine
  • Secure access to restricted locations

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4:3 ratio Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 AS029 AS029 AS029 5V DC Supply/POE 5V DC Supply/POE 5V DC Supply/POE Clock Clock Clock eMMC (64GB) eMMC (64GB) eMMC (64GB) uSD Card uSD Card uSD Card DDR4 SDRAM 1Gig x16 DDR4 SDRAM 1Gig x16 DDR4 SDRAM 1Gig x16 eEPROM eEPROM eEPROM ToF Sensor ToF Sensor ToF Sensor JTAG JTAG JTAG UART to USB UART to USB UART to USB Debug USB Debug USB Debug USB USB USB USB Ethernet PHY Ethernet PHY Ethernet PHY NFC Card Reader NFC Card Reader NFC Card Reader Haptic Driver Haptic Driver Haptic Driver Camera CAMERA CAMERA MIPI-HDMI Convert MIPI-HDMI Convert MIPI-HDMI Convert Display Display Display Codec Codec Codec LTE-M Module GM02S LTE-M Module GM02S LTE-M Module GM02S OPA OPA OPA Nor Flash NOR Flash NOR Flash Sheet.76 Sheet.77 Sheet.78 Sheet.79 Sheet.80 Sheet.81 Sheet.82 Sheet.83 Sheet.84 Sheet.85 Sheet.86 Sheet.87 Sheet.88 Sheet.89 Sheet.90 Sheet.91 Sheet.92 Sheet.93 Sheet.94 Sheet.95 Sheet.96 Sheet.97 Sheet.98 Sheet.99 Sheet.100 Sheet.101 Sheet.102 Sheet.103 Sheet.104 Sheet.105 Sheet.106 Sheet.107 Sheet.109 Sheet.110 Sheet.111 Sheet.112 Sheet.113 Sheet.114 Sheet.115 Sheet.116 Sheet.117 Sheet.118 Sheet.119 Sheet.120 Sheet.121 Sheet.122 Sheet.123 Sheet.124 Sheet.125 Sheet.126 Sheet.127 Sheet.128 Sheet.129 Sheet.130 Sheet.131 Sheet.134 Sheet.135 Sheet.136 Sheet.137 Sheet.138 Sheet.139 Sheet.140 Sheet.141 Sheet.142 Sheet.143 Sheet.144 Sheet.145 Sheet.146 Sheet.147 Sheet.148 Sheet.149 Sheet.150 Sheet.151 Sheet.152 Sheet.153 Sheet.154 Sheet.155 Sheet.156 Sheet.157 Sheet.158 Sheet.159 Sheet.160 Sheet.161 Sheet.162 Sheet.163 Sheet.164 Sheet.165 Sheet.166 Sheet.167 Sheet.168 Sheet.169 Sheet.170 Connector 1.157 Connector 1.157.179 Connector 1.157.180 Connector 1.157.181 1.8V/300mA 1.8V/300mA 1.8V/300mA 3.3V/100mA 3.3V/100mA 3.3V/100mA CODEC CLK CODEC CLK CODEC CLK HDMI CLK HDMI CLK HDMI CLK ETH CLK ETH CLK ETH CLK 8 Communication Lines B.795 8 8 8 4 4 4 4 Sheet.192 24MHz 24MHz 24MHz 6 6 6 6 Sheet.196 Audio Audio Audio 3.3V/5mA 3.3V/5mA 3.3V/5mA 1.8V 1.8V 1.8V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 1.2V 1.2V 1.2V VDD 1.1V VDD 1.1V VDD 1.1V D1.8V D1.8V D1.8V VDDQ 1.2V VDDQ 1.2V VDDQ 1.2V D3.3V D3.3V D3.3V D1.8V/200mA D1.8V/ 200mA D1.8V/200mA 3Amax 3Amax 3Amax 386mAmax 386mAmax 386mAmax 241mAmax 241mAmax 241mAmax 474mAmax 474mAmax 474mAmax 4 4 4 4 Sheet.216 8 8 8 8 Sheet.219 8 8 8 8 Sheet.222 VDDQ 1.2V/439mA VDDQ 1.2V/439mA VDDQ 1.2V/439mA 2.5V/20mA 2.5V/20mA 2.5V/20mA Sheet.229 Sheet.230 Sheet.231 Sheet.232 Sheet.233 Sheet.234 Sheet.235 Sheet.237 Sheet.238 Sheet.239 Sheet.240 Sheet.241 Sheet.242 Sheet.243 Ground (earth) Sheet.246 Sheet.247 Sheet.248 Sheet.249 3V 3V 3V Connector 1.157.251 USB Host USB Host USB Host 5 5 5 5 Sheet.255 1.8V/140mA 1.8V/140mA 1.8V/140mA 3.3V/20mA 3.3V/20mA 3.3V/20mA 2 2 2 2 Sheet.262 2 2 2 2 Sheet.265 Sheet.266 2 2 2 2 Sheet.272 3.3V/325mA 3.3V/325mA 3.3V/325mA 2 2 2 2 Sheet.276 3.3V/325mA 3.3V/325mA 3.3V/325mA Antenna Sheet.281 Sheet.282 Sheet.283 Sheet.284 Sheet.285 1.8V/5mA 1.8V/5mA 1.8V/5mA CODEC CLK CODEC CLK CODEC CLK Speaker speaker_8_ Sheet.292 Sheet.293 Sheet.294 Sheet.295 Speaker Speaker Speaker Connector 1.157.297 5V 5V 5V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 1.8V 1.8V 1.8V HDMI CLK HDMI CLK HDMI CLK Connector 1.157.303 2 2 2 2 Sheet.306 3.3V/5mA 3.3V/5mA 3.3V/5mA 2 2 2 2 Sheet.313 Motor Sheet.315 Sheet.316 M M CAP Touch Sheet.318 Sheet.319 Sheet.320 Sheet.321 Sheet.322 Sheet.323 Sheet.324 Sheet.325 Sheet.326 CAP Touch Cap Touch Cap Touch 21 21 21 21 Sheet.330 2 2 2 2 Sheet.333 3.3V/430mA 3.3V/430mA 3.3V/430mA 12 12 12 12 Sheet.337 25MHz/3.3V ETH CLK 25MHz/3.3V ETH CLK 25MHz/3.3V ETH CLK 1.2V/140mA 1.2V/140mA 1.2V/140mA D3.3V/380mA D3.3V/380mA D3.3V/380mA D1.8V/140mA D1.8V/140mA D1.8V/140mA Ethernet Connector Ethernet Connector Ethernet Connector Antenna.345 Sheet.346 Sheet.347 Sheet.348 Sheet.349 Sheet.350 GND GND GND 4 4 4 4 Sheet.354 2/4 Lane 2/4 Lane 2/4 Lane 2/4 Lane Sheet.357 HDMI Connector HDMI Connector HDMI Connector Sheet.359 MCU MCU MCU VCC VCC VCC CTSU CTSU CTSU I2C I2C I2C I2C I2C I2C Sheet.360 PMIC PMIC PMIC LD01 LD01 LD01 LD02 LD02 LD02 BUCK5 BUCK5 BUCK5 BUCK1 BUCK1 BUCK1 BUCK3 BUCK3 BUCK3 BUCK2 BUCK2 BUCK2 BUCK4 BUCK4 BUCK4 32.768 KHz OSC 32.768 KHz OSC 32.768 KHz OSC LD03 LD03 LD03 RTC RTC RTC I2C I2C I2C VIN VIN VIN Sheet.361 MPU MPU MPU SDHI SDHI SDHI EXTAL EXTAL EXTAL Ether MAC Ether MAC Ether MAC I2C I2C I2C I2C I2C I2C VDD VDD VDD VDD/CVDD VDD/CVDD VDD/CVDD DDR/VDDQ DDR/VDDQ DDR/VDDQ PVDD/USB PVDD/USB PVDD/USB QSPI QSPI QSPI DBSC DBSC DBSC MIPI CS12 MIPI CS12 MIPI CS12 I2C I2C I2C Debug Debug Debug UART UART UART USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0 MIPI DSI MIPI DSI MIPI DSI SSI SSI SSI UART UART UART SDIO/UART SDIO/UART SDIO/UART Audio/Clk Audio/Clk Audio/Clk Sheet.362 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wi-Fi Bluetooth VCC VCC VCC SDIO/UART SDIO/UART SDIO/UART
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