Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders are widely used in home kitchens, which are very dangerous and fatal if they explode. Monitoring for gas cylinder leakage is critical as well as knowing when to order a refill. LPG is a heavier-than-air gas, and the smart LPG stand placed under the cylinder can easily detect gas leaks. In addition, weight detection is done using a load cell, which can detect the cylinder weight indicating when the next refill is needed. A user can even access the cylinder usage data or enable automatic reordering by accessing the optional Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) functionality.

System Benefits​:

  • Low-cost system with an RA2A1 MCU that includes a built-in op-amp, high-resolution ADC (16-bit) and SDADC (24-bit) for accurate weight measurement. Cortex®-M23 core MCU, UART option can be utilized to transfer data.
  • Low power solution can work with a 7.5V battery/isolated AC flyback supply.
  • Buzzer indication for safety/security risk from gas leaks.




  • LPG gas leak detection
  • Automatic refill request system