This portable red, green, blue, and white (RGBW) color lighting solution with Wi-Fi control and USB-C power supply is ultra-flexible and can be quickly and easily installed. In this design, Renesas provides a complete solution for RGB color lighting that is also good for cold/warm white general lighting.

System Benefits​:

  • Complete solution for RGBW lighting
  • Easy connection to standard LED bars/stripes
  • Remote Wi-Fi control via smartphone
  • Easy integration into an existing Wi-Fi network or direct connection to a smartphone (AP mode)
  • Single, ubiquitous USB-C power supply
  • Extendable setup using additional lighting units
  • Ultra-portable using a standard USB-C power bank
  • Integrated temperature, humidity and RGB light sensors




  • Ambient lighting in smart homes
  • Event lighting (trade show, party, large event)
  • General lighting
  • Mood lighting