This human machine interface (HMI) board with high-end 32-bit MCU supports GUI creation using an LCD display, HMI development using voice input/output, and IoT device development using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), Ethernet, etc. aggregated into the system. By installing a pre-installed demo and emulator circuit, you can immediately develop and experience this HMI solution.

System Benefits​:

  • A total solution kit with a variety of I/O peripherals, facilitating the development of solutions for a variety of applications.
  • Rich interfaces support the expansion of solution functions and various development circumstances.
  • Provides an audio codec IC with a stereo MEMS microphone to support voice input and output.
  • Provides sample code such as voice recognition, GUI, LCD display, and connection between AWS Cloud and FreeRTOS to facilitate system development.




  • Industrial
  • Office automation
  • Consumer

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Template 1 Antenna Sheet.263 Sheet.264 Sheet.265 Sheet.266 Sheet.267 Connector Line.269 Connector Arrow.221 JP128 JP128 JP128 Connector Arrow.170 Connector 2 5V.172 5V 5V Bi-directional Bi-directional.192 Bi-directional.193 Bi-directional.194 Bi-directional.195 Bi-directional.197 Bi-directional.198 LCD (TFT-LCD) Block.120 Block.124 TFT-LCD TFT-LCD Sheet.202 Sheet.203 Sheet.204 Sheet.205 Connector Line LCD with Capacitive Touch Overlay LCD with Capacitive Touch Overlay LCD with Capacitive Touch Overlay Connector Line.208 Connector Arrow Motor Sheet.211 Sheet.212 M M Label Text 10pt.262 PMOD 1 PMOD 1 Label Text 10pt.214 PMOD 2 PMOD 2 Micro SD Micro SD Micro SD USB Type A USB Type A USB Type A Connector Arrow.217 Connector Arrow.218 Connector Arrow.222 Connector Arrow.223 Bi-directional.224 Connector Arrow.229 Connector 1.160 Connector Arrow.233 Connector Arrow.235 Connector Arrow.236 Connector 1.237 Connector Arrow.239 Connector Arrow.242 Connector Arrow.243 Sheet.255 MIC x 2ch MIC x 2ch MIC x 2ch Sheet.254 Microphone Sheet.245 Sheet.246 Microphone.247 Sheet.248 Sheet.249 Connector Arrow.256 Audio Audio Audio Bi-directional.259 RJ-45 RJ-45 RJ-45 Connector Arrow.268 Connector 1.160.270 Connector 1.160.271 Connector Arrow.272 Connector 1.160.273 3.3V / <900mA 3.3V / <900mA 3.3V / <900mA 1.8V / <15mA 1.8V / <15mA 1.8V / <15mA Sheet.278 MPU MPU MPU LCDC LCDC LCDC I2C I2C I2C USBHC USBHC USBHC SPI/UART SPI/UART SPI/UART SDHI SDHI SDHI Security (TSPI) Security (TSPI) Security (TSPI) I2C.190 I2C I2C I2C.220 I2S I2S SDHI.225 UART UART GPIO GPIO GPIO QSPI QSPI QSPI SDHI.240 Ether Control Ether Control Buck-Regulator Buck Regulator Buck Regulator LDO LDO LDO Humidity & Temp Sensor Humidity & Temp Sensor Humidity & Temp Sensor Backlight Driver Backlight Driver Backlight Driver Haptics Driver Haptics Driver Haptics Driver Clock Generator Clock Generator Clock Generator Wi-Fi/BLE Wi-Fi/BLE Wi-Fi/BLE Wi-Fi/BLE.227 Serial FLASH Serial FLASH Wi-Fi/BLE.228 Audio CODEC Audio CODEC LED/SW LED/SW LED/SW Ether PHY Ether PHY Ether PHY Op Amp Op Amp Op Amp
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