This winning combo provides a power management solution for Xilinx FPGA reference design. The power tree for this RFSoC utilizes Renesas multiphase PMICs and one of our power modules to minimize the number of external components and provide a compact solution for space-constrained applications. Optimized control loop schemes with programmable switching frequency provide a fast transient response, reducing the number of external components. Renesas power solutions also achieve high efficiency with excellent line and load regulation.

System Benefits​:

  • A complete power solution for RFSoC
  • Reduced PCB real estate by integrating switches and inductor
  • Differential sensing for tight regulation requirements
  • Supplemental protection features to ensure safe operation
  • Power Good (PGOOD) signal for sequencing and enhanced communications
  • I2C compatibility




  • MCU, MPU, DSP, and FPGA
  • Smartphones, tablet PCs and e-readers
  • Telecom, industrial, optical, and medical equipment
  • Point-of-load conversions