This full digital cluster solution is implemented with a four-channel Automotive High-Definition Link (AHL) using a Surround View Monitor (SVM).

This is a cost-effective solution reducing up to 30% of the cost compared to coaxial connectors by using inexpensive analog cables and connectors such as twisted pair connectors that are commonly used in AHL.

System Benefits​:

  • No latency with excellent picture quality compared to digital transmission at low cost
  • Enables automatic dimming control of the display in response to ambient brightness by using a light sensor
  • Reduces R&D cost and development time using power management ICs (PMICs) verified for R-Car M3
  • R-Car M3 and PMICs support functional safety up to ISO 26262 ASIL B



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AS235 WC# AS235 AS235 Sheet.110 Battery.328 Sheet.112 Sheet.113 Sheet.114 Sheet.115 Label Text 10pt.262 12V Battery 12V Battery Dynamic connector Light Sensor Light Sensor Light Sensor Timing Timing Timing PMIC PMIC PMIC Sheet.132 Double arrow.2150 Double arrow.2166 Label Text 10pt.2367 720 720 Label Text 10pt.2368 1920 1920 Cluster application & Sourround View Cluster application & (Surround View) Cluster application &(Surround View) SoC R-Car M3 SoC R-Car M3 SoC R-Car M3 I2C I2C I2C LVDS LVDS LVDS MIPI CSI MIPI CSI MIPI CSI Flash + DDR Flash + DDR Flash + DDR Quad component Component block.751 Component block.747 Component block.748 Component block.749 11pt text 11pt text Right arrow 1pt.1711 Sheet.197 Camera.325 Sheet.199 Sheet.200 Camera PMIC Camera PMIC Camera PMIC AHL AHL AHL Down arrow.38 Right arrow bracket.32 Right arrow AHL 4-Channel AHL 4-Channel AHL 4-Channel wireless-connectivity.209 Sheet.210 Sheet.211 Sheet.212 Sheet.213 wireless-connectivity.214 Sheet.215 Sheet.216 Sheet.217 Sheet.218 wireless-connectivity.219 Sheet.220 Sheet.221 Sheet.222 Sheet.223 wireless-connectivity.224 Sheet.225 Sheet.226 Sheet.227 Sheet.228 Label Text 10pt.2392 Cameras Cameras CR7 CR7 CR7 Right arrow 1pt.231 Connector Arrow.232 Connector 1 Sheet.238 Sheet.239 Connector Arrow.242 Connector Arrow.243 Connector Line Label Text 10pt.262.276 Brightness Brightness Connector Arrow.277 Sun.288 Sheet.289 Sheet.290 Sheet.291 Cloudy Day.292 Sheet.293 Sheet.294 Sheet.295 Moon.296 Sheet.297 Label Text 10pt.262 Lux: Low (0~100 lux) = PWM 40% Lux: Normal (1000~2500 lux) = ... Lux: Low (0~100 lux) = PWM 40%Lux: Normal (1000~2500 lux) = PWM 80%Lux: Too Bright (20000~50000 lux) = PWM 100% Sun.342 Sheet.280 Sheet.281 Sheet.282 Cloudy Day Sheet.284 Sheet.285 Sheet.286 Moon.344 Pre-regulator Pre-regulator Pre-regulator
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