Automotive Cybersecurity

Modern automobiles are embedded with advanced technological innovations enabling cars to be safer, more comfortable, and environmentally friendly, driven by megatrends commonly referred to as C.A.S.E.

Modern Vehicle Trends
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Amongst the many benefits brought by advanced technologies, there are two major security concerns – increased system complexity and increased attack surface that lead to cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity Threats
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Unauthorized Access
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Malware Installation
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Denial of Service
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Automotive Cybersecurity Solution

Renesas comprehensive and scalable solution with state-of-the-art hardware and software technology allows OEMs to build to the highest possible degree of automotive cybersecurity and safety across all vehicle domains. With the increase of system complexity in automotive, multi-layered defense shown below is required to secure automotive system.

    R-Car (SoCs) RH850 (MCU) RL78 (MCU)
Secure External Communication icon
Secure External Communication check    
Secure Gateway (Firewall) icon
Secure Gateway (Firewall) check check  
Secure In-vehicle Network icon
Secure In-vehicle Network check check check
Secure Processing for Trust Chain (Secure boot) icon
Secure Processing for Trust Chain

(Secure boot)

check check check
Secure Software Update icon
Secure Software Update check check check
Hardware Trust Anchor (HSM) icon
Hardware Trust Anchor (HSM) check check check 

Automotive Cybersecurity Use Case

Automotive Cybersecurity Use Case

Automotive Security Product Portfolio

Renesas automotive SoC (R-Car) and MCUs (RH850, RL78) include HSMs (hardware security modules) and dedicated cryptographic accelerators to integrate automotive cybersecurity that meet or exceed customer demands for cybersecurity.

Devices R-Car (SoCs) RH850 (MCU) RL78/F24, RL78/F23 (MCU)
Description Designed for intelligent and automated driving vehicles and embedded HSM provide advanced security protection against cyber attacks. 32-bit automotive MCUs offers high performance balanced with very low power consumption, rich functional safety and security features embedded HSM. 16-bit ultra low power MCU designed for actuator and sensor application embedded with hardware security features optimized for EVITA-Light security.
HSM Yes Yes Yes
EVITA Targeted Use Cases EVITA Full
focuses on securing communication between the vehicle and the outside world​ ​
EVITA Medium
focuses on securing in-vehicle communications between ECUs​
focuses on securing communication to small low power, low-cost sensors and actuator

Software Infrastructure for Fast Time-to-Market

The Renesas ICU firmware, high-quality security modules specifically designed for Renesas HSM, supports various security functions such as cryptographic and system services to fulfill the security requirements of the vehicle platform.

Security Software R-Car
V4H, V3H
H3e, M3e, D3e, E3e, V3M
(ICU-M or ICU-S implemented)
ICU-M Firmware check check - check check
ICU-S Driver - - - - check
SHIP-S Library check - - - -
CAIP Library - - check - -
AES-ACC Library check check (V4H) - - -
OP-TEE (on Linux) check - check - -
ICU-M LLD (*) - - - check (U2B) -

*This software is a Low Level Driver (LLD) for ICU-M (Intelligent Cryptographic Unit Master) of Renesas R-Car SOC and RH850 MCU. ICU-M LLD is also planned to be expanded to future R-Car SOC and RH850 MCU. Renesas provides it as reference driver with source code, which supports the Cryptographic accelerators on ICU-M.

Security Stack Partners

Renesas’ trusted partners offer a wide variety of efficient and flexible software stack for Renesas HSM that enable system developers to concentrate on high-level software development, without having to worry about low-level or hardware-specific issues.

ESCRYPT An innovative and flexible HSM security firmware - CycurHSM - that ensures secure boot of the ECU, secure in-vehicle communication, ECU component protection and secure flashing.
Vector An efficient and flexible software stack for hardware security modules – veSHM - that is adaptable to user’s use case in order to improve cybersecurity.
Elektrobit A complete firmware software stack for a hardware security module (HSM) that implements security algorithms utilizing hardware acceleration mechanisms.


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