BLDC ceiling fan usage is increasing, and consumers are expecting manufacturers to provide a variety of speed control methods—some with advanced mobile apps, some with standard IR remotes, or a more conventional wall mount regulator. This solution defines an integrated way of controlling the speed through all three means in a single design. This adds flexibility for the consumers and covers a wider mass market with a single approach to reduce inventory and BOM costs.

System Benefits:

  • Multiple options to regulate speed, as dependency is reduced on devices
  • Adopts critical conduction mode for power factor >0.9
  • Wider operation range to run at single speed, lower motor losses due to high voltage winding
  • Can be adapted to any existing motor control design to support a variety of speed control solutions by sensing wider line operating parameters and providing speed commands to the motor controller
  • Closed loop speed control and error optimization to maintain speed



  • BLDC ceiling fan speed control
  • Backward compatibility with existing 4-step regulator
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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