Renesas RX72M networking solutions, which reduce the development time when using RX72M for slave equipment for industrial networks, are available for motor drives at robot terminals, small programable logic controllers (PLCs) and remote I/O, etc.

The solution consists of an RX72M-based evaluation board along with sample software for the OS, middleware and industrial network communication protocols supporting about 70% of the major industrial network communication protocols in the market, which strengthens our competitiveness in the development of our customers' products.

Please be sure to try out the performance and functionality of this solution.

TS-RX72M-COM: テセラ・テクノロジー社


RX72M Motor + EtherCAT Solution

RX72M Single-Chip Motor Control via EtherCAT Communications

RTK0EMXDE0C00000BJ image

RX72M CPU Card with RDC-IC

Key Features

  1. You can try using industrial network communication immediately with the sample program and evaluation board.
  2. It has been tested for conformance with the three major protocols (EtherCAT, PROFINET RT and EtherNet/IP).
  3. We work with proven partners preparing major industrial network protocols in addition to EtherCAT.


The following are provided for RX72M industrial network solutions:

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Renesas RX72M Motor + EtherCAT® Single Chip Solution

Introducing an EtherCAT motor control solution using Renesas' high-performance 32-bit microcontroller RX72M. This solution enables synchronous control of the motors in multiple equipment by connecting to EtherCAT, an industrial Ethernet communication system with high synchronous control performance.

For details, refer to the application note RX Group Single-Chip Motor Control via EtherCAT Communications Rev.1.10 (PDF | English, 日本語) on the Renesas website.