Pressure control solutions for industrial equipment, such as pressure calibrators and electro-pneumatic regulators, are comprised of a solenoid valve, pressure sensor, and controller. These components work together to control the pressure by precisely opening and closing the solenoid valve based on the set pressure. Equipped with a high-precision analog front end, the RX23E-B ensures precise pressure using minimal components.

System Benefits:

  • The integration of the MCU and high-precision analog front end (AFE) into a single chip eliminates the requirement for an external dedicated AFE. This not only reduces BOM costs but also saves valuable board mounting area.
  • The implementation of a multiplexer for switching the AFE input and measuring the output pressure and supply pressure allows for high-speed and disturbance-resistant pressure control.
  • The utilization of the FPU of the RX v2 core enables accelerated filter calculations and PID control calculations, resulting in high accuracy and fast response.



  • Pressure control
  • Flow control
  • Pressure calibrator
  • Electro-pneumatic regulator