In a connected digital world, everything is dependent on a fast, secure and reliable infrastructure. Critical communications between machines, people, and things must be distinguished from and prioritized over non-critical exchanges. Awareness and intelligence are being built into information and communications systems to achieve the goals of the next-generation infrastructure and at the same time securing these systems for a safe society. Renesas, a long-established information and communications solution provider, supports solutions from the data center through the network to the access point with its proven technologies.

Network Infrastructure digram

Recommended Products

Lookup over one million rules of packet headers for 100GB network system in around 2 watts

Network Search Engine (NSE)
Reference design for a flexible platform that adapts to a wide range of network topologies

Laser Diodes (25Gbps)
Key device for building global information network; Light source for 100 Gbps optical transceiver

Related Applications

Learn Renesas's approach to today's network infrastructure applications and browse block diagrams to see how our devices could be used in your next project.


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LLDRAM-Ⅲ Exact Match Search Solution 日本語 Other PDF 766 KB
Network Search Engine [R8A20686BG-G] Control IP Solution 日本語 Other PDF 1.03 MB
LLDRAM-Ⅲ Control IP Solution 日本語 Other PDF 793 KB